Kiera Brew Kurec – Artist

An Attempt to Harmonise

Performance, Archival Pigment Print on Rag, Steel, Clay, Acrylic Paint, 2015

An Attempt to Harmonise, aims at identifying points of flux between bodies and their surrounding spatial environment. A series of simple performative actions map the relationship between the geometric architecture of the space and the organic shape of the body. The performance took place during the install period where the artist pressed her body in to clay pillars in the corners of the gallery space, the clay was then moved to the centre of the space, leaving the traces of the clay left in the corners of the gallery. A photograph documenting the performance was hung in the space and the clay was then left to dry, slump and crumble over the period of the exhibition.

An_Attempt_to_Harmonise_1 An_Attempt_to_Harmonise_2 An_Attempt_to_Harmonise_3 An_Attempt_to_Harmonise_4 An_Attempt_to_Harmonise_5