Each as the Other

104 hour performance, 2013

Each as the Other was performed at West Space over the course of 3 weeks. The walls of gallery three were painted middle-grey, and, dressed in middle-grey matching uniforms, the artist and a performer repeated a simple sequence of actions over the course of each day for seventeen days. Each day began by standing in diagonally opposite corners of the room, with their backs turned to each other and their fronts pressing into the corners of the room. This position was held for thirty minutes. The performers then turned to face each other then walked to meet each other in the centre of the room. Once there, they stood face-to-face for thirty minutes and then then returned to their corners and repeated the process again. This pattern of actions was repeated from the gallery’s opening to closing hours for a total of 104 hours.

Each_as_the_Other_1 Each_as_the_Other_2 Each_as_the_Other_3 Each_as_the_Other_4 Each_as_the_Other_5 Each_as_the_Other_6 Each_as_the_Other_7 Each_as_the_Other_8 Each_as_the_Other_9 Each_as_the_Other_10 Each_as_the_Other_11 Each_as_the_Other_12