Exercises in Becoming the Grey Area

6 Hour performance, Copper, PVC, Plexiglass, Interfacing, rope, block out fabric, 2014

Over the course of gallery hours, the artist along with another performer interacted with a series of materials, each material was interacted with for one hour. The performers negotiated different ways to press their bodies against the materials marking the space between them.

The materials were exhibited for the first half of the show without intervention, then left and exhibited again in the space after the performance, which occurred during the middle of the exhibition.

Exercisises_in_Becoming_the_Grey_Area_3 Exercisises_in_Becoming_the_Grey_Area_1 Exercisises_in_Becoming_the_Grey_Area_2 Exercisises_in_Becoming_the_Grey_Area_4 Exercisises_in_Becoming_the_Grey_Area_5 Exercisises_in_Becoming_the_Grey_Area_6 Exercisises_in_Becoming_the_Grey_Area_7 Exercisises_in_Becoming_the_Grey_Area_8 Exercisises_in_Becoming_the_Grey_Area_9 Exercisises_in_Becoming_the_Grey_Area_10 Exercisises_in_Becoming_the_Grey_Area_11 Exercisises_in_Becoming_the_Grey_Area_12 Exercisises_in_Becoming_the_Grey_Area_13