Myself as an Island

2 channel video projection, 2012

Myself, as an Island is a dual channel video projection which attempts to position the viewer in a state of flux by placing them between two land masses. As the two skylines of Manhattan and Staten Island retreat in to the distance the audience is left standing in the of the wake of both cities. The work centres on the notion of two conflicting sources or ‘pulls’. Myself, as an Island aims to not only visually represent a metaphor for two opposing forces, but to allow the audience to participate and position themselves within the pull.

Myself_%20as_an_%20Island_3 Myself_%20as_an_%20Island_2 Myself_%20as_an_%20Island_4 Myself_%20as_an_%20Island_5 Myself_%20as_an_%20Island_6 Myself_%20as_an_%20Island_1