Object Permanence: The Space Between

Performance, Hand died cotton, clay, acrylic paint, imitation gold leaf, 2016.

Object Permanence: The Space Between explores the concept of the same name – the understanding that objects continue to exist even when they cannot be observed. This idea is expanded to the field of performance, testing whether different modes performance can be captured when not directly witnessed or documented by camera or film – what trace do objects or bodies leave when not physically present. Using the gallery as both performance space and exhibition space, the artist body, materials and objects are used to both leave and capture the traces of performative interactions within the gallery.

Accompanying text:

Look at the relationship between body and our surroundings, coordination, relationship with others/objects/boundaries. The opposing forces stabilise the body in motion, The space between breath, The space between thoughts

Lani Kaplan

Object_Permanence_The_Space_Between_01 Object_Permanence_The_Space_Between_02 Object_Permanence_The_Space_Between_04 Object_Permanence_The_Space_Between_05