The Body as a Vessel The Vessel as a Body

2 hour performance, terracotta vessels, TCB art inc, Melbourne, 2017

The Body as a Vessel The Vessel as a Body explores the relationship between bodies and vessels, which stand in as a symbolic proxy for our own bodies, a child or a womb. The title of the of the work alludes to the body literally being a potential vessel to transport in new life, a vessel to hold our feelings, desires, a body to create actions, to hold our conscious thoughts; and also metaphorically to transport our spirit into the next life.

Thank you to Tessa Benn and Nell Pearson for participating in the performance

The_Body_as_a_Vessel_The_Vessel_as_a_Body6 The_Body_as_a_Vessel_The_Vessel_as_a_Body2 The_Body_as_a_Vessel_The_Vessel_as_a_Body3 The_Body_as_a_Vessel_The_Vessel_as_a_Body4 The_Body_as_a_Vessel_The_Vessel_as_a_Body5 The_Body_as_a_Vessel_The_Vessel_as_a_Body7